What We Offer

Catholic Holy Land Pilgrimage tour with Catholic guide

At Guiding Star we recognise the personal importance of a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We realise it is not a regular sightseeing tour, so for every group of Pilgrims we strive to provide the right elements needed to make a Holy Land Pilgrimage a powerful experience. We draw on the great Pilgrimage traditions that evolved over centuries. We know that Pilgrimage is an act of faith and plan each trip around that principle. We provide a variety of itineraries designed to make your trip a Pilgrimage rather than a tour. Below are some examples of the features we offer:

We are able to provide a Catholic guide in the Holy Land for pilgrim groups.  Catholic guides can share their faith, reverence for the Holy places and experience in a way that makes a Pilgrimage a spiritual experience that cannot be matched. To them the Churches and Holy places are not museums or tourist sites; they are living Churches where they grew up practising their faith with their families and communities. They know that the modern day pilgrims are not tourists, but the latest in a long line of visitors with a spiritual purpose who are continuing a tradition that is hundreds of years old. 

The priest leading the Pilgrimage will have the opportunity to give a Mass on every day in the Holy Land. We take the time to book each Mass in the best possible location and at a suitable time. We believe that every group should have the opportunity to attend High Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at the Tomb of Christ. 

We carefully design each itinerary to make sure that each day of the Pilgrimage unfolds as a personal experience and not just a tour. 

Catholic Pilgrimage

Our Client: The Napa Institute

The Brief: To provide a Catholic Tour of Israel to a group of sophisticated travellers that combined a spiritual dimension coupled with fine dining, wine tasting and social functions.

Our Delivery:

  • Required extreme attention to detail
  • Acted on every individual request
  • Created the right elements for a positive group dynamic
  • Secured Prime spots for Mass and teachings each day.
  • Carefully selected restaurants and menus to make the meals a social event. Each venue and menu was checked in advance and format for every function was decided in advance.

Large Catholic Pilgrimage Group

Our Client: USA based leading Operator of Catholic Pilgrimage tours

The Brief: To plan a Pilgrimage Tour for 200 people, arriving from many countries, with evening meetings and Seminars.

The Objective: To provide extensive touring during the daytime, with 200 people congregating together each day for lunch, on site lectures, Mass and evening sessions.

Our Delivery:

Arrivals: 200 pax arriving on 18 different flights & seamless check in at hotels with hospitality team assisting check-in and dealing with any issues and issues.

  • Daily touring, meals, lectures carefully co-ordinated with 5 guides and coaches.
  • Baggage Transported by separate luggage vehicle.
  • All bags placed in each room ahead of arrival at each hotel.
  • All 5 coaches had to meet up each day at a fixed time for a group lecture on site using Whisper Headsets, so careful planning and co-ordination was essential.
  • The Highlight of the tour was a special Mass arranged at the Tomb of Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre with opportunity for the whole group to visit Tomb afterwards.


We delivered a faultless operation which made every group member feel looked after and part of a personal tour without waiting or delays.