What We Offer

Tailor made Holy Land Tours with Christian guide

Since 1961 we have handled many hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the Holy Land. The key to our success is to provide personal attention to every request. Whether a convention of over 2000 people, a 1000 voice choir, a group of 40 pilgrims, a small family group, or a couple travelling alone, we work hard behind the scenes to ensure it is a unique trip.

We tailor all itineraries to suit the particular denomination of the Church Group. Whether Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, we always prepare a distinct tour for each and every group.

Below are some of the features that differentiate us:

1 - We work with you at every step to plan your Holy Land tour

With so much choice of places to visit we can help you design an itinerary that will suit your church. We will never simply take the easy option of applying a standard itinerary to your group. We offer a range of services and ideas that other tour operators cannot match. Please contact us for full details on how to design an itinerary for your church.

2 - Christian Guide in the Holy Land

We know from experience that many groups prefer an Israel tour with a Christian guide. A Christian tour guide can provide insight into the way of life that local Christians have led for hundreds of years. He or she can provide introductions to the practicing Christian communities of the Holy Land that have maintained their traditions for centuries.

3 - Away from the Crowds

As well as visiting the main holy sites we can arrange itineraries that include time away from other travellers. This gives the group of pilgrims the time and space to have a service or an event to themselves, unrushed and unpressured, in an especially evocative location. Our experience tells us that these intervals are often the most treasured part of a pilgrimage. An example of such a sacred place is the garden at Jacob‘s Well in Samaria. Please contact us for more information.

4 – Unique, unforgettable sites

We know of many rarely visited sites that leave a much more powerful impression than crowded sites. Examples of this are St Mark‘s Church in Jerusalem, thought to be the home of Mark, the disciple of Jesus, and the more likely scene of the Last Supper. We can also include fascinating experiences that help portray the biblical time of Jesus, such as observing the olive harvest, a visit to the stable home in Taybeh, and a tour of Herod‘s Tomb discovered in 2007 and featured in National Geographic magazine.