What We Offer

Private Tours for Individuals – FIT & Family Tours

Since 1961 we have been offering Tailor Made Tours for FITs and Family Groups. We work hard to identify what each party is primarily interested in and then design an itinerary and assign the right guide accordingly.

The Holyland is unlike any other destination because each tour is a very personal experience. For example, a couple with a Jewish background will want a particular tour, while a couple with a Catholic background will require a very different itinerary.

With Family groups we recognize the special dynamics at work when a Family group consists of 2 or 3 generations. Therefore the right mix of activities and choice of guide can make the difference between a successful tour or a disappointing one. 

Tour of Israel for Family arriving by Private Jet

Our Client: Ker & Downey Experiential Luxury Travel

The Brief: A family group of 12 compromising 3 generations, travelling by Private Jet, desiring a special tour of Israel.

Our Delivery:

We recognised the need to arrange a tour that appealed to the young members of the family as well as the older members. The key to success was:

  • To provide the a guide who could engage with all ages
  • To prepare the right itinerary and to be ready to respond at short notice to make changes to keep things fresh
  • Attend to every detail and anticipate the need to make changes to address family dynamics
  • Provide a variety of meals that would appeal to all


The matriarch of the family who paid for the whole trip had the trip of a lifetime just as she wanted with her extended family.