What We Offer

The Holy Land has so much to offer that we have developed extensive experience in offering tours with a specific focus. Some examples include

  • Interfaith
  • Youth Groups
  • Study Tours
  • Culinary
  • Archaeological tours 

Culinary Tour with celebrity Chef

Our Client: Holy Land Travel

A group tour of 45 people led by a celebrity Chef and his parish priest

The Brief: We were asked to provide a tour that encompassed the Catholic Heritage and sites of Israel as well as engaged with the Culinary scene in Israel.

Our Delivery:

We recognised early on that we needed to address 3 key elements:

  1. We had to provide a guide who could address both the Culinary & Spiritual Catholic sides of the tour
  2. We had to carefully manage the tour to achieve the right balance between the two aspects of the tour and the two group leaders
  3. We had to construct an itinerary that included memorable culinary and spiritual experiences.

The Outcome:

Each day included at least one culinary highlight. This included meetings with local chefs and food producers. Each day also included at least one meal that was a culinary event that provided memorable experiences and hands on participation or behind the scenes insights.

Each day also included at least one spiritual highlight. We made sure to arrange this in a unique and significant location with detailed advance preparation.

We wove into the itinerary insights into the symbolism of Biblical foods such a wine and Olive Oil and their role in rituals and daily life, past and present.